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Welcome to Baardskeerdersbos

A love for travel evolved into a love for tourism. The Tortoise was born as the symbol for how I see travelling. Tortoise is self-sufficient, do things on his own time and present a different perspective to the world. He is also one of the oldest living species on this planet, representing wisdom but also a reminder that we have to ensure his survival in whatever we endeavour to do on this planet. He is smart, he is cute, we love him and he became our business Travelling Tortoise. He has many forms and shapes to adapt to whatever is thrown at him – how else would he have survived all these thousands of years?

So when Tortoise came to live in the Strandveld, he notices the opportunity to join all the tortoises of Baardskeerdersbos, so that the Tortoise community can market and attract other tortoises for fun, relaxation in this beautiful hamlet close to the southern tip of Africa.